The brand INSCA is backed by its history. Was founded in 1978 thanks to the initiative of two young entrepreneurs, the young company manufactrued interior and exterior wooden doors and windows.

Since the begining the brand's love for the manual labour, care for details and love for things well done has not changed. Lots of other things have changed that our coustomers can see and appreciate, which make our company unique.

In 1984 the brand envisioned the possibility to develop for suitable sales supports in the ceramic tile market. Production started on the first display cases, showrooms and fairs stands

During those years INSCA started to expand abroad, opening an export division and modernizing all the production lines, it was at this time when the first CNC machine for processing wood was introduced. This process of modernization of the production lines never stopped and is still ongoing.

Together with the constant desire to imporve products and with the decision to invest in research, these factors have led to the registration of significant intellectural property, such as patents, utility models, industrial models and industrial designs which have earned the recognition of our customers and competitors.

With the knowledge and strength of its history, concern for suitable development remains a constant of the brand whose roots lie in the manufacturing of a noble material like wood.

Quality and Environmental Management are core elements of a good business organization and allow for products and provide quality service that respects the environment.

Always keep in mind, in all activities of the company, a continuous improvement approach based on the automation, customer contact and minimizing environmental impact.

Communicate commitments to the environment to all our employees and any interested party that needs it.


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