Supra 24/100 Supra 24/100


SUPRA 24/100


Sliding display with 45° extraction of 24 one-side panels, for samples of wall and floor tiles. The system to replace the panels allows you to do it in an easy way, fast and clean. It include adjustable glides to ensure perfect operation. Lighting cornice forms part of it. This display can be customized by doing so as long as you need.

height x width x depth

DIMENSION 2300 x 4100 x 1600 mm
PANELS 1924 x 1005 mm
PACKING 1610 x 740 x 2840 mm

870 x 1200 x 2540 mm

1100 x 1140 x 2200 mm

WEIGHT 1500 Kgs


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